Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics under bonnetWith modern vehicles since the late 1980’s, management systems control more and more of the internal workings of the car.  This means that specialist equipment is required to test and rectify even the simplest of faults.  For example, on a modern Mercedes, there are up to 260 individual control modules around the car controlling such mundane operations as indicators or the brakes.  In extreme cases the control modules can restrict you to 30mph or even prevent you from starting the vehicle to prevent further damage.  We can help.

Court Autos have the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment to get to the heart of problems and correct them for all major manufacturers.  Our Bosch trained staff have the expertise and the right equipment to fix any dashboard lights, drive-ability issues such as sluggishness or high fuel consumption or electrical problems.

You don’t have to go back to the main dealer in order to get these problems fixed.  The control systems in cars are made by a handful of specialist electronics companies and we have the expertise and diagnostic tools in order to carry out an effective and economical repair, backed by the Bosch warranty.

If you are experiencing any dashboard lights, or other issues that you feel may be caused by your vehicle systems, please give us a call on 01952 581 189.